Dangerous Items You Don’t See Around Homes Much Anymore

Dangerous Items You Don’t See Around Homes Much Anymore

We can sometimes get frustrated with rules and regulations that seem to intrude on our rights. There are rules about smoking, driving with a seatbelt, air bags, distracted driving and how fast we can drive. There are regulations regarding fishing and hunting and many of the place we live have HOA’s that govern how we live.

We may agree with some of these rules and disagree with others but it is hard to deny they most have been very beneficial. Our roads and highways, for example, are much safer now than decades ago, thanks to regulations regarding car safety features and road construction techniques. Home building codes have made homes safer and in many areas, stronger to withstand strong winds. Our concern for safety has made some changes we probably haven’t given much thought to, right in and around our own homes. Here are some dangerous items you don’t see around homes very much anymore.

Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts were large darts made with plastic fins with a pointed metal tip. The object was to fling the lawn dart into a circle near where your opponents stood. Injuring your opponent wasn’t an object of the game but frequently became a part of it.

Diving Boards

As head, neck and back injuries soared and homeowners’ insurance rates skyrocketed, diving boards began disappearing. They aren’t necessarily illegal, just simply not worth the risk.

Two Prong Electrical Plugs

In 1969, Underwriters Laboratories mandated appliances have grounded, three prong plugs to help prevent electrical shorts and fires. At the time, only about half of the homes in America had grounded receptacles. Three-prong adapters were the solution. Although you will still see these familiar grey three-prong adapters, unless a home is older than 50 years old, they are unnecessary.

Cedar Chests

These wooden chests were constructed of cedar to keep harmful insects away from clothing and linen that was stored inside. These were items young women would begin collecting in anticipation of marriage. They were often referred to as hope or dowry chests. While they are still available today, one has to be cautious about pets or young children getting caught inside. The concept of a “hope” or “dowry” chest also is largely outdated.

Time marches on and through knowledge, the desire for safety, economics or changing customs, the things around us change with it. We may miss the thought of soaring through the air performing a perfect dive or that unique smell of a cedar chest, but generally speaking, life is better, and safer.

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